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For Table Talks 2020 - Module 2 students:
Please download the study guide here.

We want to invite you to become part of Chungdong EM’s CATS program in 2020. “CATS" is an acronym for Chungdong Academy for Theological and Spiritual Formation. Through CATS, EM is committed to providing opportunities
for the people of faith to grow spiritually, be empowered through the
knowledge of the Word of God, and experience a vibrant and purposeful life as
followers of Jesus Christ. The CATS program is practical, informative and
transformational. As in our logo - you will be informed to be transformed.
The CATS program comprises:
· Talk Concerts: Thought-provoking and inspiring open lectures presented by
experts in their fields of study.
· The Bible in Practice: Our annual Seder Supper is a practical enactment of the
Last Supper, as seen from a Jewish perspective. It is realistic, profoundly
spiritual and theologically sound.
· Spiritual Formation: The Winter Spiritual Retreat annually in December is the
highlight of the CATS program.
· Training Sessions: Intensive teacher’s training sessions by specialists in the
field of children’s ministry will precede Chungdong EM’s Summer and Winter
Vacation Bible Schools (VBS).
· Mentorship Program: The current mentorship program for staff members will
be extended to a mentorship program for lay leaders.
· The Bible as GPS Course: During 2019, we’ve started with the first module of
the Bible as GPS. Follow-up modules will continue in 2020. This intensive and
exciting course will empower you with the basic skills of exegesis, hermeneutics
and homiletics. It can change the way you read the Bible and apply it in real life.
Don’t miss this course. Each module takes ten weeks to complete and for the
duration of the course, lectures take place on Sundays from 12:30 to 1:30.
More details of the 2020 courses are available in this publication.
· CATS Table Talks: During the break times of The Bible as GPS courses, current
theological and biblical matters are the topics of our weekly Table Talks
conversations. Pastors and experts in their fields will lead these one-hour talks
in Wesley Hall Office. Look out for more information on our website and on the
English Ministry homepage.


One of the best online resources for inductive Bible study, commentaries etc.
Indeed one of my favorites.
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The Bible GPS Institute

We are using the material of The Bible as GPS Institute.  You can click on the picture to gain access to the courses to follow as well as more material for online study and self-study.


Do you want to read the Bible with new eyes and hear God's voice?  Join our CATS Table Talks where we explore the Bible through the process of understanding and application to real life.  We will do Module 2 where we learn how to read the Old Testament stories and narratives. The course will take place over 10 weeks that might change the way you look at the Bible and help you to read it with new eyes.  To help you further, you're welcome to enroll in the Meet God Bible Study Series, Module 2 for free. It will give you access to the videos and other lesson materials used in Module 2. 

Hope to see you in our CATS Zoom Room.  To join, please send an e-mail to [email protected]

Table Talkers will find some extra information that might be helpful in their study on this page.  Please visit the links and resources for further study and deeper exploration of the Bible.

Module 1-1

Module 1 - 2
How did the Bible Come into Being?  Click on the links to watch the videos.
Module 1 - 3
Module 1-4
Module 1-5 - The Process of Application
Check this page for updates on new modules.